How dominant are you?

How dominant are you?

How dominant are you?

Do you always get others to agree with your personal interests? Are you compliant or rather reserved? With this dominance test, you can determine your personality type with 9 questions.

You are out with friends. Which thought best fits to you?

Question 1 of 9

When you are in a bad mood, you want to ...

Question 2 of 9

What impression do you make on other people?

Question 3 of 9

You often think about ...

Question 4 of 9

You are asked for a favor, but do not have time. What do you say?

Question 5 of 9

How can somebody influence your opinion?

Question 6 of 9

What is most important to you?

Question 8 of 9

Select three qualities that describe you!

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